Letters from Orion

 viewing messages from the final frontier 

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to touch the infinite


created and produced by Kurt Lancaster

summer twilight




ship of the dead


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Volume 2: Summer Twilight

written and directed by Kurt Lancaster

Jessica Henderson as Amanda
Usman Akeju as David

Susan Lapointe as News Anchor


Special thanks to Brian Johnson for hosting this site on his server

Technical Credits
web site design by Kurt Lancaster using Microsoft FrontPage 2000
monologues shot by Kurt Lancaster with a Sony TRV11 DV camera
monologues edited, composited, and mixed using Sonic Foundry's Vegas Video
music and sound design by Kurt Lancaster using Sonic Foundry Acid Music 2.0 and SoundForge 
additional sound from The Wave Place

images of space courtesy of NASA: Hubble Space Telescope
Badlands picture by Kurt Lancaster
grip for "delegation for peace" and "in love and war" by Vera Zago